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The Bulldog
(English Bulldogs, British Bulldogs)

This section is about the English Bulldog.
For other Bulldog breeds, see: Bulldog breeds and Bully breeds
If you are considering getting your first English Bulldog, please research the breed carefully, be very selective in choosing a reputable and responsible breeder (do NOT buy from a pet store) and be sure to assess the costs of quality food and routine veterinary costs.

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english bulldog puppy
Many bulldogs end up in rescue each year, only because these adorable plush-like English bulldog puppies grow up one day and their owners didn't realize what it entails to own a Bulldog. The Bulldog's learning stage is considerably longer as compared to other breeds. During this stage your bulldog puppy will chew on anything they can find and some owners find this difficult to handle. Adopting an older bulldog may be a solution and has many other advantages, too.
We hope that the information throughout our Website will help you make an informed decision whether an English bulldog is the right breed for you.

If you are considering breeding English bulldogs, please read our tips for bulldog breeders first.
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For those of you who may want to see the broader picture of the bulldog's genealogical tree, we have described these breeds in separate sections, under bulldog breeds, molosser breeds and bull-and-terrier breeds.

We hope you also enjoy our funny english bulldog pictures gallery with cute english bulldog puppies, as well as our suggestions for bulldog names
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How to Housebreak
Your Dog in 7 Days
by Shirlee Kalstone
A foolproof method for housebreaking your dog
in a way that works with both his innate behavioral instincts and your individual lifestyle.
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