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 Buying a Bulldog ?
English Bulldog Standard
Characteristics of the Bulldog
Basic Needs of the Bulldog
Bulldog Body structure
Bull baiting
Influence of bull-baiting history on the standard
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The Bulldog
What kind of breed are Bulldogs ?
Is a Bulldog the Right Breed for You ?
How does the English bulldog get along with children and other pets
Buying a Bulldog Puppy ?
Basic Needs of the Bulldog
Temperament and Personality of the Bulldog
Characteristics of the Bulldog
The typical Bulldog expression
Job Description of the Bulldog

Getting your own Bulldog
How to choose a bulldog puppy breeder
Reputable breeder check list
Male or female bulldog puppy?
Selecting a Puppy
Choosing a name for your puppy
Basic Equipment for your Bulldog puppy
Responsible dog ownership

Puppy Articles
Picking a Puppy from a litter
Equipment for your Puppy

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Feeding, Nutrition and other Needs
Recommended Food for Bulldogs
All Meat or Raw Meat Diet ?
Switching your Dog to another Food
Recommended Products for Senior dogs

For more feeding info, see The basics of a balanced diet

History of the breed
History of the Bulldog
The Evolution of the Bulldog
The First Breed Clubs and First Champions
Origin of the Standard
The Standard and its Relation to bullbaiting
History of the Molosser breeds
The Origins of the Mastiff

Breeding and Showing
Care of the breeding bitch
Caesarean section
Pros and Cons of artificial insemination
Caesarian section in Bulldogs
Kennel construction
Show Training your Bulldog

Health and Care
Bulldog Health Information
Skin Problems in Bulldogs
Odor problems in bulldogs
Removing tear stains
Dog Fleas
Taking care of the Senior Bulldog
Bulldog Hereditary Defects
Heat Stroke
: Precautions to avoid heat stroke

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Traveling with your Dog
Dogs and Car Sickness
Flying with Your Dog

More Traveling Tips for Dog Owners

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